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I'm Emmi, a Finnish art director and multidisciplinary designer currently living in London. My passion lies in creating visually stunning designs that not only look beautiful but also communicate effectively. My practice is fuelled by a love of colour, materials, and form, often focused around a fascination with pop culture and its influence on design. I believe that great design should be both visually engaging and conceptually rich, and I'm constantly exploring new ways to challenge traditional forms of visual communication. 

I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from Brighton University, where I acquired the principles and foundations for creating outstanding designs. I furthered my education by earning an MA in Art Direction at UAL London College of Communication, where I developed my approach to include strong conceptual foundations in my work. With expertise in 3D design, graphic design, and motion design, I constantly seek innovative and unconventional ways to view the world with a playful perspective.


If you're looking for a designer who can bring a fresh perspective, a keen eye for detail, and a touch of playfulness to your project, look no further. 

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