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The Bimbo Summit project explores the concept of hyper-femininity through the lens of the bimbo stereotype and examines how the fourth wave of feminism is reclaiming and redefining this term on digital platforms. The project focuses on how the new age bimbo culture is promoting inclusivity and empowerment while also calling for respect towards hyper-feminine aesthetics that are often objectified by a sexualized male gaze. The project aims to propose new perspectives on hyper-femininity and to give autonomy and agency back to bimbos by creating a supportive environment for self-expression. Ultimately, the project seeks to visually destigmatize hyper-feminine aesthetics and promote a more positive and empowering view of bimbo culture.

Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Motion Design, 3D Design, Animation

“Unfortunately, straight white men dominate our media, and the media is our cultural storyteller.”

- Florence Given

How can we represent hyper-feminine appearance in a way that is not solely influenced by the male gaze? In Western societies, hyper-femininity is often associated with stigmatizing perceptions that undermine the creativity, authenticity, and authority of the female wearer. To destigmatize hyper-feminine appearance and empower bimbos, outcomes have been created to emphasize the aesthetics through the "ambient gaze." Ambient gaze takes into account the overall atmosphere of the appearance, incorporating other sensory aspects beyond just visual perception, such as touch and sound. By emphasizing the experience of appearance, the motion piece aims to redefine the meanings of hyper-femininity for both the observer and the wearer.

Short Videos

A series of short videos have been created as research and development to explore the cultural impact of feminine aesthetics and how they are portrayed in society. The videos use a narrative approach to showcase the history of hyper-femininity in feminism and popular culture while also examining how it is being reclaimed in today's social media platforms. Through the use of juxtaposition, the videos aim to provide a nuanced perspective on the portrayal of hyper-femininity, both in the past and present. The narration of the videos highlights the evolution of hyper-feminine aesthetics and their significance while also exploring how they are being redefined and reclaimed by women today. Overall, the series of short videos serve as an educational tool to deepen our understanding of feminine aesthetics and their impact on our society.