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​Collective Anomalies serves as a dynamic network, uniting academia and industry, dedicated to crafting better futures through research and creativity. In my role, I’ve been deeply involved in organising events for Collective Anomalies, taking a lead in the design aspects for these gatherings. Being the creative lead, I played a key role in ideation, conceptualising and creativng all visual and branding assest for the panel events, which span from climate change, AI and digital spaces. Additionally, I delivered a keynote speech during the event, “Inclusive Digital Spaces”, focusing on the impact of sensorial elements in my own practice and how it affects our perception and visualisation of communication in general.

Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Design, 3D Design, Animation, Public Speaking, Design Futures

EVENT: Silent Screen

How can we break the fourth wall in digital spaces to accommodate and enhance accessibility, creative expression and inclusivity?


Moderator: Louise Healy

Speakers:  Cecilia Righini, Faisal Ag and myself. 

In my speech at the London Design Festival, I discussed the transformative impact of inclusive digital spaces on creativity. Reflecting on my graphic design journey, I highlighted the need to break free from societal constraints. My research on the Bimbo subculture revealed the lack of representation in academic discourse, prompting me to question biases in media. Focusing on the gaze and sensory experiences in digital spaces, I emphasised the importance of multisensory elements in my 3-D graphics and motion work. Advocating for director-level representation for diverse voices, my goal is to challenge stereotypes and create a more accessible creative landscape.