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The D&AD New Blood 2023 brief challenged us to envision a more vibrant world and create a brand experience for Heineken that inspires unity and progress towards a more sustainable future. Our solution, Bound for Better, aligns with Heineken's "Brew a Better World" corporate strategy and addresses the issue of glass waste associated with the brand's bottle manufacturing and distribution. Through the artistry of glassblowing craftsmanship, we transform Heineken's green glass bottle into a work of art, highlighting the conversion of waste into value and promoting circularity in the supply chain. Our aim was to create a brand experience for Heineken that conveys a sense of artisanship and sustainability, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Collaboration with Abby Deardorff

Strategy, Concept, Visual Identity, Graphic Design

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This campaign is not about alcohol consumption, instead it connects communities through the bottle. This aligns with Heineken’s commitment to responsible consumption and moderation.

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