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This project aimed to celebrate and take inspiration from the artist FKA Twigs, delving deep into her history, ethos, aesthetic, and practice to create a sculpture in her honor. The inspiration for the porcelain head sculpture came from one of her interviews, where she shared a beautiful metaphor about the Japanese kinstugi method and discussed her interests in female empowerment, Greek mythology, fine art, and daydreaming. The final outcome was complemented by a photo shoot with a soft, curtain-like fabric backdrop reminiscent of FKA Twigs' Magdalena tour. The project's method was akin to art direction, taking a concept and executing details to photograph it as a campaign celebrating FKA Twigs and her work.

Art Direction, Set Design, Photography

“I was a young woman, stepping into my sexuality and owning it. I was sassy! Coming from the outside and being alternative. Not like a Nubian queen, not a powerful goddess – but something just as powerful, but fractured. Like in Japan, where they smash the pots but join them up again with gold.”

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