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Pink Fury

This project explores the cultural significance of the Hot Pink colour in the digital age and its potential as a symbol of solidarity and support for women's rights. The colour has gained attention as the colour of 2022, appearing in fashion designer collections and being worn by celebrities. It has also been associated with political stances, particularly in response to the US Supreme Court's overturning of abortion rights. This project seeks to answer questions about the evolving perception of Hot Pink as a feminine colour and how the fashion industry is utilizing it. Additionally, the project delves into how Hot Pink is interpreted in the digital age, with a focus on digital art, digital fashion, and the digital realm. The project aims to create outcomes that can be applied to our digital identities, such as exploring the potential of Hot Pink in virtual worlds (metaverses) and its use as a symbol in social media movements.

Concept, Creative Direction, 3D Design, Animation

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