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Roots of Rebirth

This project explores the intricacies of Haute Couture - its craftsmanship, artistic inspiration, cultural significance, and its impact on the broader creative industry. The aim was to reframe Iris van Herpen’s ‘Roots of Rebirth’ collection by dissecting the selection of materials, textures, meanings, and inspirations behind it to create digital outcomes that could be showcased in both physical and digital spaces.

Concept, Art Direction, Design, Animation, Book Binding 

Publication as a installation

The book created as part of the project will celebrate the collection and its use of materials, craftsmanship, colours, and patterns to create unique and awe-inspiring results. The publication came together to create a distinctive large book piece inspired by Jonathan Barnbrook’s Queen size Rihanna book. The layout design celebrates the imagery and adds extra detailing to enhance various aspects of the piece, highlighting the limited edition nature of the book.


To expand the concept, a film was also produced to accompany the physical book, providing a wider audience with the opportunity to experience the beauty of the show firsthand. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the fashion industry to think innovatively when presenting their collections, and fashion films have become increasingly sought after. The film showcases the collection's experience and celebrates its various elements that cannot be experienced in analogue, including the use of 3D digital fashion assets, which have recently gained popularity, and provides a detailed exploration of the garment's movements.

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