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TYSON - 'cherry' EP

This project aims to create a compelling concept, narrative, and aesthetic for TYSON's 2022 EP campaign, 'cherry.' The EP explores the contradictory nature of falling in love as an independent woman and follows TYSON's personal journey towards self-love and independence. Drawing inspiration from early 90s R&B artists and Y2K pop culture, the team has crafted a playful and memorable aesthetic.

Within the visual concept, cherries hold a profound significance beyond their literal representation. They serve as a metaphor for TYSON's transformation and female empowerment, reflecting her personal growth and journey. Moreover, cherries carry a deep meaning rooted in TYSON's family history, adding layers of depth and personal connection to the visual representation. The art direction revolves around cherries, incorporating their symbolic meaning and familial ties, resulting in a visual concept that is both evocative and authentic. By infusing this personal element into the project, the team has created a unique and resonant experience that further highlights TYSON's individuality within the music industry.

Collaboration with

Abby Deardorff, Alaina Mullin, Sanya Shete, Sacha Jackman, Rose Hart

Strategy, Art Direction, Visual Identity, Graphic Design, 3D Typography, Animation

Disco balls mesh0039.jpg
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